Visiting Crafton Hills Iris Farm

~2023 Visits by Appointment Only ~

Crafton Hills Iris Farm is a great place to visit during bloom season.  We have numerous historic irises, guardian garden irises, award winning irises, and new seedlings for viewing.  Visits are “self-guided”, though a Crafton Hills family member will always be around to answer questions.  Potted irises will be available for purchase (to take with you) until sold out.  Rhizome orders (for summer delivery/pick-up) will also be available.  Appointment scheduling may be found at the end of this page.


For the 2023 season, scheduled visit appointments are limited to any number of groups, but there will only be a maximum of 10 people in a time slot (2 groups of 5; 1 group of 10; 5 groups of 2, etc.). The terraced farm is a large open space and provides plenty of room for healthy social distancing.  However, it is vital that everyone follow any health safety measures put into place.

About the Property

Our terraced iris farm is located on a hillside, and the grounds are steeply terraced. There are elevation changes, inclines, and stairs.  The terraced iris farm is accessed by a downhill walk – which means uphill on the way back! The visit is not recommended for individuals that have vertigo, have difficulty navigating stairs or hills, or are unsteady on their feet. The iris farm walkways are steep in places, are comprised of decomposed granite, or asphalt, and includes uneven stairs. The iris farm has little to no shade.


Our Location

We are located in a residential area at the end of a cul-de-sac. Our irises are in the back acreage and are not visible from roadways. When you arrive, please feel free to park anywhere along the street, taking care not to block neighbor’s driveways.  Our address will be emailed to you with appointment confirmation.


When You Arrive

Visits to Crafton Hills Iris Farm are “self-guided”. Feel free to arrive at any time during your visit window. The gate will be open, and information will be available on a table at the entryway. There will be signs with directions to the farm. You are welcome to meander around looking at irises at your own pace throughout your reserved block of time. Please don’t hesitate to ask questions or ask for assistance!


You are welcome to photograph any of the iris, grounds, views, and landscape.  Please respect our privacy and refrain from photographing the residence ~ Thank you in advance

Information About Scheduling a Visit

Visits to the terraced farm are available by appointment only, by using the online form in the right margin of this page.  No walk-on visits or open houses are planned for this year.


Appointments are free of charge, and are for two-hour increments. For 2023 various groups may schedule appointments, but only a total of 10 people will be scheduled per time slot. Visitors should leave by the end of their appointment time.


Appointments are available on a 1st requested/1st granted basis for various Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays  between April 15, 2023 and April 31, 2023. 


Appointments are available in two hour blocks at 8:00AM, 10:00AM, and Noon.  If a time block no longer appears on the request form, then it has been filled with 10 guests.


We encourage visitors to bring bottled water, and dispose of used bottles at home.


Restroom facilities are not available.


Due to the high terraced walls of the farm, children are not permitted.


Scheduling an appointment indicates your party will comply with any current health restrictions, and that all are able to physically navigate our terraced farm. 


Confirmation of visit will be emailed to you upon completing online form.


Thank you for your interest! We are excited to share our irises with you!

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Ordering Iris During Visits

We certainly accept orders during visits, and bloom time is the perfect time to find your new favorite iris! We use a very user-friendly system of “popsicle stick” pulling – If an iris you are interested in has a named/priced popsicle stick in front of it, pull the stick out, turn it in with an order form, and we will send you an electronic invoice within a day.


Information will be available at the entry welcome table.  All orders will be for rhizomes to be dug during the summer months, and purchased potted iris may be taken home with you from the visit. We are not able to accept payment at the farm.