Iris Associations

Flower from Crafton Hills Iris Farm



January 2020

Flower from Crafton Hills Iris Farm

Honky Tonk Rumble

Membership in Iris Societies:

We are a proud member of the The American Iris Society (AIS). Please take time to visit the AIS website:

Based upon our location in Southern California, we are part of AIS Region 15 (Southern California & Arizona). More information on AIS Region 15 may be found here:

As Crafton Hills Iris Farm is located in Redlands, CA, we have joined the Inland Region Iris Society (IRIS).  IRIS is an affiliate club of the American Iris Society (AIS) and AIS Region 15. Meetings are held at the Janet Goeske Center in Riverside on the first Tuesday of each month (except January).  Please consider following our IRIS Club on Facebook @InlandRegionIrisSociety

We are a proud member of the Historical Iris Preservation Society (HIPS). Currently Crafton Hills Iris Farm has more than 30 Historic Irises growing on our property. Please take time to visit the HIPS website:


In addition, we are excited to have joined the Guardian Gardens program sponsored by HIPS. According to the HIPS website, Guardian Gardens are, “a grassroots enterprise to set aside dedicated beds in private gardens, across geographic and climatic zones, for the exclusive purpose of saving the rarest of the extant historic irises of the world.” More details may be found by following this link:

We clearly love Tall Bearded irises, so it should be no surprise that we are enthusiastic members of the Tall Bearded Iris Society. The Tall Bearded Iris Society is a cooperating society of the American Iris Society. More information may be found at this link: or on Facebook @tallbeardedirissociety.